Saturday, March 1, 2014

He Could Go All The Way

The phrase made famous by Chris Berman of ESPN. The receiver has the ball and is running down the field. As he approahes the end zone, the crowd cheers. They know that 6 points is just a few steps away. Normally, when that phrase is used, there is no chance of missing the touch down. But, then the unexpected happens. He drops the ball. The other team is right there and they recover the fumble. Celebration turns into disappointment.

Did you ever have an engineering project go that way? You thought everything was going perfectly. You were on the last leg and about to deliver when the unexpected happened. Somebody dropped the ball. Perhaps your parts didn't get ordered. Or maybe the wrong parts arrived. Or worse still, the engineering was wrong, parts were built but didn't fit when they arrived. Celebration turns to disappointment. Like the football player that drops the ball, this kind of foul up could cost you the game, maybe even your position on the team.

So what can you do? Can these mistakes be prevented? In short, yes. Good football is played by committing to the basics. Blocking and tackling. Protecting the ball. Moving the ball down the field. Unlike a football game, usually in an engineering project you are not fighting against an unfriendly opponent that wants to prevent you from moving forward. But, the basic mechanics of project planning and systems engineering must be followed to enhance your chances of winning the game.

Do you understand how system engineering works? Do you know how to identify risk areas, manage them, and mitigate the risks? Do you know how to integrate your team to keep everuone moving in the same direction? Need help delievring a completed system? Perhaps KTM Solutions can help. Let us help you. You could go all the way!

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