Saturday, September 28, 2013

Is Good Engineering Talent Enough to Generate Success?

In November 2012, our company introduced a new blend of engineering that we labeled "Mobility Engineering", KTM Solutions demonstrated the power of blending engineering specialties across compatible yet unique industry segments. The power of blending automotive, aerospace, and machine automation experiences to drive creativity, innovation, and imagination ... this is the essence of Mobility Engineering. 
However, this idea is not enough to achieve success. When companies begin to develop a new product or offering, we have seen time and again a laser focus on finding best design engineering talent ... the best aerospace, automation, or automotive engineer. We also find that this does not guarantee success and develops a false sense of security that often bites hard. Sadly, we are called to help companies that spent a lot of time recruiting the right technical talent but missed the bigger picture. 
At KTM Solutions, we strive to add the missing vital component to every service offering. This additional part is so essential that we can virtually guarantee failure if it is over looked. In fact, this piece should be considered before doing anything else. What's the missing piece? Systems Engineering. 
Systems engineering usually goes hand in hand with good program management. However, this engineering discipline provides a strong focus on management and identification of technical/performance requirements and project risks. Good systems engineering will ensure that all requirements are identified, risk are quantified, compliance to requirements is measured, and actualization of the requirements is managed from start to finish of the program. Systems engineering will also assure that requirements changes are managed and coordinated. This process assures the development of technical a plan that all the other disciplines follow.
Want to learn more about cost effective, common sense ways to execute systems engineering on your next development project? Please contact us, we would be honored to help. Please remember as you begin your next project, "Failure to plan is a plan to fail."

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